Artists Selected for the 2001 Artist Support Program
Obo Addy holding an African hand drum.

Obo Addy READ MORE >

Photo of Armitage Shanks wearing a top hat and speaking through an old fashioned megaphone.

Circus Contraption READ MORE >

Photo of FIlastine in profile, holding a metal object.

Grey Filastine READ MORE >

Jack Straw Cultural Center logo

Richard Gibbons READ MORE >

Black and white photo of Gregg Loughridge seated in front of a microphone with a basketball.

Gregg Loughridge READ MORE >

Cynthia Mullis - Portrait

Cynthia Mullis READ MORE >

John Osebold READ MORE >

Maureen Whiting

Maureen Whiting READ MORE >

Rulon Brown - Portrait

Rulon Brown READ MORE >

Dawn Clement playing piano, a man playing upright bass in the background.

Dawn Clement READ MORE >

Amy Rubin READ MORE >

Pamela Moore Dionne - Portrait

Pamela Moore Dionne READ MORE >

Bill Jarcho, dressed as a cowboy riding a giant chicken.

Bill Jarcho READ MORE >

Brian Lawlor

Brian Lawlor READ MORE >

Sasa Mlakar READ MORE >

Jeffrey Moidel READ MORE >

Photo of Olga Sanchez Saltveit

Olga Sanchez Saltveit READ MORE >

Bill Smith at Jack Straw, June 2012

William O. Smith (aka Bill Smith) READ MORE >

Paul Taub READ MORE >

Jon Tulchin sits on the ground with recording equipment, next to a graffiti-covered wall.

Jon Tulchin READ MORE >

Rik Wright - Portrait

Rik Wright READ MORE >

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Jack Straw Artist Residency Programs
Jack Straw Artist Support Program, Writers Program, and New Media Gallery Program

The Jack Straw Writers Program, Artist Support Program, and New Media Gallery Program offer established and emerging artists in diverse disciplines an opportunity to explore the creative use of sound in a professional atmosphere through residencies in our recording studios and participation in our various presentation programs.

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Jack Straw Writers Program

The Jack Straw Writers Program was created in 1997 to introduce local writers to the medium of recorded audio; to develop their presentation skills for both live and recorded readings; to encourage the creation of new literary work; to present the writers and their work in live readings, an anthology, on the web, and on the radio; and to build community among writers.

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Jack Straw New Media Gallery
Installations by Joel Ong, Etsuko Ichikawa, and Carolyn Law

The Jack Straw New Media Gallery is a unique venue in Seattle where artists from various disciplines can present works in which sound is an integral or exclusive element. This program enables artists to experiment with audio and to develop new skills and ideas in a supportive setting. Selected artists work with our engineers to realize the sound component of their project, with training as needed.

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