Jack Straw Studio 1 In addition to our programs for artists and youth, Jack Straw is available to the community as a full service recording studio and audio production facility.

As of March 2023, Jack Straw Cultural Center requires visitors and studio clients to wear masks, except as needed for recording.

To see a list of our current Adult Workshop Classes, visit our Adult Education page.

Services we provide:

Music recording and production
Our professional engineering staff will work with you to determine the best approach to fit your project, from live-to-2-track (using our array of analog pre-amps and effects and pristine analog-digital conversion) to elaborate multi-track recording, editing and mixing.

Recording a podcast in Jack Straw's Studio 2

Spoken recording and production
Jack Straw’s Studio Two is designed to capture the human voice for any kind of project, from demo reels for voice actors to audio books, interviews, narration, or podcast production.

Remote recording
From two-person interviews to large-scale live music productions, we can bring our studio to you and capture the best sound possible.

Audition audio and video recording
Studio-quality audio, with or without high quality video recordings, for auditions and competitions.

Podcast/radio production
Jack Straw’s origins are in radio, and we continue to produce high-quality programming for ourselves, partner organizations, and clients. Current and recent projects include Green Acre Radio with Martha Baskin, Opening Doors, The Table Podcast, The Career Cue, and our own SoundPages and New Media Gallery podcast series.

Audio book production
Recording, editing, final file preparation and delivery.

Media digitization and preservation
We can help bring your fragile and obsolescent media into the 21st century using the highest contemporary standards. We can transfer audio cassettes, 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape, DATs, and other media to high-quality WAV audio files and/or audio CD.

Audio mastering
Once the recording and mixing is complete, our engineers can prepare your project for release with a final mastering treatment using our state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Sound design for film and performance
From recording original music for film scores, to recording and editing narration, to creating final mixes, we have collaborated with many filmmakers on the sound aspect of their work.

Interpretive material production
We have worked with several museums and other organizations to produce audio guides. Past clients include Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Museum of Glass, and UW Arboretum.

Oral history production
We can work with you on any and all aspects of creating an oral history, from interview training or conducting the interview to in-studio or remote recording, editing, and transcription.

Student and professional music recitals and performances
With its excellent acoustics and beautiful piano, Jack Straw’s Studio 1 is perfect for intimate performances such as recitals and small concerts. Even better, our engineers can hand you a recording of your event at the end of it.

Radio theater
Jack Straw has worked for years with groups such as American Radio Theater, Jim French’s Imagination Theater, and Battleground Productions to create high-quality radio theater productions. Projects range from live shows recorded in one or two takes, to more heavily produced and edited productions with sound and audio effects and music.

Training programs in audio production
Through one-on-one studio sessions or our audio workshop series, we provide training in studio recording, field recording, digital audio editing, and many other aspects of audio production.