Jack Straw Artist Dana Reason in Studio 1Our Recording Studios

Studio One
This studio measures 26′ by 23′ with 13′ of loft. An amp isolation booth and 15′ by 11′ isolation room are available with this space. Studio One is ideal for acoustic music as well as high sound pressure situations. The room has accommodated choirs, big bands, chamber groups, string bands, jazz and rock bands. A well-maintained Steinway B grand piano is always available in Studio One. See some of the artists we’ve worked with here.

Studio Two
This studio measures 15′ by 11′ with 13′ of loft. Ideal for spoken word artists, voiceovers, narration, interviews and soloists. Studio Two is equipped with telephone equipment for high-quality recordings of phone conversations or call-in interviews. It also is wired as an isolation booth, with sight lines to Studio One.

Pre-amps at Jack StrawStudio Equipment
Jack Straw maintains an equipment inventory that is well suited to a variety of mid-scale projects, taking advantage of the excellent studio acoustics, Steinway B piano, and experienced engineering staff. From solo and ensemble music recordings to sound design and voiceover work, as well as sound-for picture mixing, we provide a relaxed environment for artists to create.

We are an Avid Pro Tools facility, with current versions of this leading digital audio workstation in both studios, as well as our editing room. Studio 1 is a full HD system ideal for music projects, ensemble voice work, and sound-for-picture. Studio 2 is optimized for voice work, and hosts a number of ongoing broadcast and podcast series, but can also serve as an isolation room for Studio 1. A diverse complement of software plug-ins is available in each. We have an excellent selection of microphones numbering over 50, featuring ribbons, high-end vintage condensers, and some wonderful dynamic mics. Mic preamps include Vintech, Amek, UA, Crane Song, DBX, Drawmer, and 16 channels of Manley Labs class A pre’s. We’re capable of mixing down “in the box” to preserve digital integrity, or can mix down through a Manley tube mix-bus and Apogee converters. Call for more details.