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The Artist Support Program has been assisting artists working creatively with sound since 1994. Artists of every genre and style have been represented, including writers, choreographers, multidisciplinary artists, theatre sound designers, radio producers, film makers, visual artists, and musicians and composers of all types. Every year, up to eight artists are awarded twenty hours of studio recording and production time with a Jack Straw engineer. An additional twelve artists receive matching awards for studio time as part of our Artist Assistance Program. Artists for the Artist Support Program are selected by an interdisciplinary peer panel.

The opportunity to work in a large professional recording studio with experienced sound engineers is a boon to many artists who may not otherwise be able to afford to produce work in this setting. The Artist Support Program is open to artists of all disciplines whose project proposals include sound as a major component. Projects are presented to the public at artist events at Jack Straw and other venues.

Artists selected for the 2022 Artist Support Program
Athr standing outside, wearing reflective sunglasses and looking up


So'le Celestial, wearing a wide straw hat, face mask, and dark clothing, dimly lit in purple

So’le Celestial READ MORE >

Vibhuti Kavishwar READ MORE >

Paul Kikuchi portrait

Paul Kikuchi READ MORE >

Marilyn Montúfar sitting on a green couch, light coming in from windows on the right.

Marilyn Montúfar READ MORE >

D.A. Navoti READ MORE >

Portrait of Tom Pearson

Tom Pearson READ MORE >

Berette S Macaulay portrait

Berette S Macaulay READ MORE >

Sharece Anissa Phillips, dressed in black, holding an audio recorder, in front of a wall with graffiti on it

Sharece Anissa Phillips READ MORE >

Garrett Fisher sitting, working on a tablet computer

Garrett Fisher READ MORE >

Portrait of Amber Flame

Amber Flame READ MORE >

Alex Guy holding a viola, singing into a microphone

Alex Guy READ MORE >

Michael Hamm holding a yellow electric guitar, standing in front of a red curtain

Michael Hamm READ MORE >

LaVon Hardison leaning against a tree, dappled in shade

LaVon Hardison READ MORE >

Portrait of Derek G. Larson

Derek G. Larson READ MORE >

MANtrio standing in front of ferns, moss, and branches


The five members of Nada Rosa, Brandi Diaz in front, lit in pink and orange

Nada Rosa READ MORE >

A large redwood stump. Legs with black pants and black shoes sticking out of it, up and to the right.

Hannah Simmons and Leah Crosby READ MORE >

Amelia Winger-Bearskin portrait

Amelia Winger-Bearskin READ MORE >

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Jack Straw has awarded residencies in the 2022 Artist Support Program to 18 artists and artist teams spanning multiple disciplines and genres. Eight artists/teams were awarded 20 hours of recording and production time with an engineer in our studio. Ten additional artists/teams will receive matching awards. All artists are provided with training, events, and other […]

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Athr, So'Le Celestial, Nada Rosa, and Marilyn Montúfar

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Neil Welch the ink around it album cover

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Please give to support the next year of our Artist Residency Programs

November 8, 2021

Please help our essential programs for artists thrive for years to come! “Participating in this cohort has allowed me to see a wider view of the world that I’ve been so intimidated by, find my place in it and feel like I belong.” –Ebo Barton, Jack Straw Writers Program 2020 We’re launching a campaign today […]

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