Photo of Jacqueline Tabor

Jacqueline Tabor

Jacqueline Tabor stands proudly in the realms of jazz, blues, and swing, captivating audiences with her resounding voice, elegant demeanor, and captivating stage presence. Renowned as one of the foremost vocalists in the region, she has claimed the prestigious Earshot Jazz Vocalist of the Year award on four occasions and has been honored with the Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association Award for her remarkable contributions to cultural exchange.

Also known as the “Seattle Chanteuse,” Tabor’s distinctive blend of bluesy allure and magnetic charisma infuses her performances with an unparalleled depth of emotion, drawing inspiration from the rhythms of everyday life to convey profound human experiences. From the hallowed influences of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Sarah Vaughn to the contemporary resonance of Cecile McLorin Salvant, her repertoire resonates with a soulful authenticity that transcends time.

A sought-after collaborator, Jacqueline’s artistic journey has seen her forge powerful alliances, such as her dynamic partnership with the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra since 2019. Notably, her poignant tribute to Billie Holiday garnered widespread acclaim and recognition, solidifying her status as a transformative force in the jazz landscape.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Tabor’s creative spirit flourished, leading her to explore new avenues of expression through poetry, original compositions, percussion, Blues, and swing dance. In collaboration with the acclaimed musician Marina Albero, she crafted the captivating production “Don’t Explain: A Musical Conversation Between Billie Holiday and Nina Simone,” a poignant reflection on resilience and triumph. It was awarded Concert of the Year in 2022 by Earshot Jazz with acclaim and respect from the Seattle community.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Jacqueline Tabor is a dedicated educator, sharing her expertise as a faculty member of the Seattle Jazz Academy and imparting invaluable lessons on performance and authenticity to aspiring vocalists.

As she assumes a role on the Board of Directors for Seattle’s own KNKX radio station, Jacqueline Tabor remains steadfast in her commitment to championing equity and inclusion within the arts community, embodying the spirit of a true artist-advocate.

Jacqueline Tabor remains a beacon of empowerment, strength, and love, leaving audiences spellbound and yearning for more with each unforgettable performance. Collaborating with a roster of esteemed musicians, she continues to cultivate a community-centered experience that celebrates the rich tapestry of musical diversity.

Artist Support Program 2024: Naturally, Blue, an album expressing Jacqueline Tabor’s life experience in song via jazz, swing, and blues.