We have implemented a wide range of classroom, in-studio, and learning programs for children and adults. Through our radio drama, music, and creative audio production programs, students work with professional artists to learn about the arts and to develop ways to express themselves creatively.

Jack Straw has developed partnerships with a variety of community organizations, artists, and schools to create and implement innovative and exciting intergenerational, curriculum-based, hands-on educational opportunities for kids.

Our Art & Technology Programs take place at schools, in our studios, and in community centers. Students produce final projects in the form of radio shows, sound collages, professional music and/or spoken voice recordings, historical audio documentation, oral history recordings and more!

The Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements are completely integrated into all of our programs.

We welcome your questions and/or proposals for new and different educational programs. Please email education@jackstraw.org for more information.

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Our Youth Programs - Click to learn more and see examples

Poetry and Song READ MORE >

Immigration Stories READ MORE >

Family Celebrations READ MORE >

Audio Journalism READ MORE >

Students recording radio theater in the studio at Jack Straw

Radio Theater READ MORE >

Dual Language Poetry READ MORE >

New Media Gallery Workshops READ MORE >

Blind Youth Audio Project READ MORE >

Youth with Disabilities READ MORE >

Three children singing.

Adams Elementary School READ MORE >

Two students with a frame drum at a microphone. One holds the drum while the other perpares to hit it with a mallet.

Broadview-Thomson K-8 READ MORE >

Foreground: The back of a person's head and a computer screen showing someone in an online meeting. Background: a student wearing headphones.

Chinook Middle School READ MORE >

Concord International Elementary School READ MORE >

Daniel Bagley student and vocal coach Meg McLynn stand at a music stand with a piece of paper on it

Daniel Bagley Elementary School READ MORE >

Claudia Castro Luna and Denny students at Jack Straw, 2015

Denny International Middle School READ MORE >

Foster High School 2015-16

Foster High School: Stories of Arrival READ MORE >

French American School of the Puget Sound READ MORE >

Genesee Hill Elementary School READ MORE >

John Muir Elementary School READ MORE >

Kimball Elementary School READ MORE >

Lowell Elementary School READ MORE >

McGilvra Elementary School READ MORE >

Meany Middle School READ MORE >

Screenshot of a Microsoft Teams meeting, with Cassandra Garcia-Stokes, Joel Maddox, Brenda Arellano, and Marco Voli in a grid

Mercer International Middle School READ MORE >

Olympic View Elementary School READ MORE >

Roosevelt High School READ MORE >

Seattle World School 2015 - Margarita

Seattle World School READ MORE >

West Seattle Elementary READ MORE >

Museum of Pop Culture READ MORE >

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