Jack Straw provides a wide range of educational opportunity for people of all ages, from elementary school poets to professional artists and musicians.

Adult Education

Professional Audio and Vocal Workshops

We offer several different classes (both in-person and via Zoom) through our adult education programs, for those looking to enhance their audio and presentation skills. Jack Straw engineer Tom Stiles leads classes on Digital Audio Editing, Pro Tools, Microphones, Studio Recording, Field Recording, and more. Jack Straw vocal coach Alyssa Keene leads classes for writers and actors on Vocal Training, and Dialects.

Artist Residencies

Resident artists selected for our Artist Support, New Media Gallery, and Writers Programs receive training in audio recording and editing, vocal performance for studio and live readings, and more, depending on their needs. Learn more about these programs here.

Youth Education Programs

Teams of artists, including theater artists, sound engineers, writers, oral historians, folklorists, sound artists, musicians, visual artists, dancers, voice coaches, and radio producers work with students in all of our educational programs. At the end of each project, we produce CDs, web pages, and anthologies of the students’ written and recorded work. Jack Straw’s education staff has extensive experience working with students of all ages, as well as with special populations such as at-risk youth in alternative high schools, with blind and visually impaired youth, and with students of limited English proficiency.

Creative Sound Recording
Students experiment with recording a variety of sounds, using them to create their own original sound art pieces. This workshop includes an introduction to the physics of sound.

Audio Journalism
Students gather material about various themes by collecting and recording interviews, conducting research and field recording, and writing pieces. Students then compile, edit, and produce their recordings into radio features.

Radio Theater (based on Creative Writing or Oral History Interviews)
Students write scripts, choose parts, rehearse, perform, and record radio dramas, including sound effects and music, which help illustrate the images, feelings, and setting of their pieces.

Poetry & Sound
Students create original poetry journals, and choose poems to record, and enhance them by integrating collected and created sounds.

Accessible Gallery Workshops
Accessible workshops for blind and visually impaired students and their sighted friends and family at Jack Straw in conjunction with our New Media Gallery program. Participants learn directly from professional artists about their processes and create audio and visual work of their own. Access for the visually impaired provided by Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences.

Students learn about the cultural context of traditional forms of world music, dance, visual art, holidays, and cultural events within different ethnic communities. Students are trained in the interviewing process, which they use during interviews with traditional artists. Students have the opportunity to attend performances, either at school or in a performance hall.

Music Appreciation, Composition, and Recording
Music workshops can be a series of presentations and performances by professional musicians of many different genres. Students will have the opportunity to interview the musicians, hear their music performed, and even play some of their instruments! Student musicians/composers may also record either their own compositions, or pieces by visiting musicians. Students may also produce short radio programs about their compositions, acting as musician, producer and announcer!

Collaborative Projects
Jack Straw’s professional recording engineers can assist with community or school productions through recordings or sound production.

Students are trained in basic audio production by Jack Straw engineers. Interns then assist in school audio projects, Jack Straw Audio Club, and professional recording sessions.

Duration and Costs
Programs at schools and at Jack Straw vary in length from one hour to long-term, ongoing projects. Jack Straw provides state-of-the-art audio recording equipment in our studios and control rooms, as well as field recording kits to be used outside of Jack Straw’s facilities. Jack Straw’s artists will work with school equipment when available. The cost for our program is flexible and is based on the length and complexity of the particular program.

We welcome your questions and /or proposals for new and different educational programs! Please contact us by emailing education@jackstraw.org or calling (206) 634-0919.