In April 2014 Jack Straw Cultural Center and Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences (AVIA) began a new series of accessible workshops for blind and visually impaired students and their sighted friends and family at Jack Straw in conjunction with our New Media Gallery program. Each workshop incorporates themes and creative processes from one of our New Media Gallery installations. New Media Gallery artists and other teaching artists work with youth to experience and learn about art, and to create their own original sound and tactile art.

New Media Gallery Workshops - Projects
Sasha Petrenko and a student with a white cane stand inside a large, geometric structure made of wooden rods in a darkened room. An image is projected on the wall behind them.


Engineer Daniel Guenther and student holding a white cane standing at a studio computer.

Ching-In Chen & Cassie Mira: Breathing in a Time of Disaster READ MORE >

A student at a microphone, holding a wooden box up to their mouth and wearing headphones.

Tiffany Danielle Elliott: I Promise I Won't Scream READ MORE >

Perri Lynch Howard and a student wear headphones; Perri holds a container on a table while the student pours something into it from another container.

Perri Lynch Howard: On Our Watch READ MORE >

Grid of four zoom screens. In the bottom left, hands shape a small pile of soil.

Peter Christenson: F40.298: Generalized Opus Foramina READ MORE >

Close-up image of a wooden sculpture with holes and vibrating strings like a musical instrument.

Andrew Fallat: Timbre READ MORE >

Rachel Lodge: Transfigurations: Carbon Flow READ MORE >

Grid of six images from an online meeting. Cameron Perry Fraser in the studio, students trying out simple instruments.

Cameron Perry Fraser: Large String Array READ MORE >

Yunmi Her: Natural Individuals READ MORE >

Naima Lowe: Aren't They All Just Love Songs Anyway? READ MORE >

Erin Elyse Burns: To Take the Shape of the Container READ MORE >

Brain Goreng: Paintings and Audio by Matthew Shoemaker READ MORE >

Gallery Workshop for Garrett Fisher and Tori Ellison's Mikawa

Garrett Fisher and Tori Ellison: Mikawa READ MORE >

Gallery Workshop: The New Landscape

Roger Feldman and Jeff Roberts: The New Landscape: Reconstructed Ecologies READ MORE >

Rachel Green and Daniel Salo: Forgetting of Being READ MORE >


Jack Straw New Media Gallery workshop with James Borchers. Photo by Sherwin Eng.

James Borchers: Obiectum Resonare READ MORE >

Andy Behrle: luminous soundscape READ MORE >

Joel Ong: Those Who Observe the Wind . . . READ MORE >

Zack Bent: Lean-out, Lean-to READ MORE >

Rachel Green and Seth Sexton: Hypnagogic Jerk READ MORE >