A student, on the left, and Jesse Minkert, on the right, look down at an object on a white shelf. White wall behind them.

Yunmi Her: Natural Individuals

A white object in the form of a ladybug, on a black surface, with a white background.In March 2020, Jack Straw and Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences (AVIA) presented an accessible art workshop at Jack Straw in conjunction with Yunmi Her’s Natural Individuals, an installation that employed integrated VR and 3D-printed sculpture.

One youth participant joined us for this workshop, which took place just before the first Covid-19 restrictions began to be imposed in Washington State. At the beginning of the workshop, AVIA’s Jesse Minkert described the exhibit, including the virtual reality and sculptural elements, and Yunmi discussed her inspirations and process. Once she’d experienced the whole exhibit, our student went into the studio with Yunmi, vocal coach Meg McLynn, and Jack Straw’s engineers to create a sound and speech piece incorporating words and phrases that arose from experiencing the installation.

Next, Jesse and Yunmi facilitated a tactile art-making activity using balloons and papier-mache to create sculptural objects evoking Yunmi’s 3D printed sculptures.

Photos by Sherwin Eng.


Yunmi Her

Yunmi Her

Yunmi Her has been working with video installation and interactive art to explore the daily internal conflict of individual lives.  An individual’s sense of belonging is the dominant subject…



Yunmi Her - Natural Individuals

Yunmi Her | Natural Individuals

February 14 – March 27, 2020
Natural Individuals employs integrated VR and sculpture to investigate the spatial characteristics of collecting behavior and explore the lost identity of a collected object. VR…