Rena Priest in the Jack Straw studio
SoundPages Literary Podcast

SoundPages is produced by Jack Straw Cultural Center as part of the Jack Straw Writers Program. This podcast features interviews and live readings from artists in the Jack Straw Writers Program. Each year a series of twelve episodes is produced featuring the current Jack Straw Writers and curator.

William Chapman Nyaho plays piano in the studio at Jack Straw
Artist of the Week Podcast

The Jack Straw Artist of the Week Podcast highlights work created through the Artist Residency Programs at Jack Straw Cultural Center.

Erin Elyse Burns fills a tank with water in the studio at Jack Straw
New Media Gallery Podcasts

The Jack Straw New Media Gallery podcast features interviews with resident artists in the Jack Straw New Media Gallery about their installations and their development, as well as sounds from each installation.

Radio Programs

Jack Straw has produced a wide range of radio programs over the years, from live music on Sonarchy Radio to environmental reporting from Martha Baskin, and much more.

Lorenzo Milam in the KRAB control room, 1963
KRAB Radio

The Jack Straw Foundation originated in 1962 to found KRAB-FM, one of the first non-commercial radio stations in the country. KRAB was formed at a time of progressing technology, when relatively few FM receivers existed and community radio was unheard of. The first day KRAB was on the air, its transmitter blew up and was rebuilt. Broadcasting from locales ranging from an old donut shop to an abandoned firehouse, KRAB struggled and thrived for twenty-two years.

Tape boxes on a shelf in the Jack Straw archive
The Jack Straw Archive

Jack Straw’s physical archives contain recordings dating back to the earliest days of KRAB Radio, all the way through to the present day, including music from all over the world, heritage programs such as Gritos del Alma and Native American Stories of Washington, radio programs and podcasts, youth education programs, and much more. We will continue to add old and new audio to this  searchable online archive, so keep coming back and listening.