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KRAB doughnut shop ca. 1963, photo courtesy Chuck Reinsch/krabarchive.com

KRAB doughnut shop ca. 1963 Photo courtesy Chuck Reinsch/krabarchive.com

The Jack Straw Foundation originated in 1962 to establish KRAB-FM, one of the first non-commercial radio stations in the country. The station was founded by Lorenzo Milam, who ran it until 1968. KRAB was formed at a time of progressing technology, when relatively few FM receivers existed and community radio was unheard of. The first day KRAB was on the air, its transmitter blew up and was rebuilt. Broadcasting from locales ranging from an old donut shop to an abandoned firehouse, KRAB struggled and thrived for twenty-two years.

We will continue our project of digitizing audio from the KRAB archives and adding it to this site, so make sure to check back for more programs in the future.

Gallery: a sampling of KRAB program guide covers from our collection

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