Yunmi Her has been working with video installation and interactive art to explore the daily internal conflict of individual lives.  An individual’s sense of belonging is the dominant subject of most of her works. These works explore this subject by examining the environmental limitations, social systems, and relationships that contribute to the construction of individual identity. Her video work consists of recordings which depict incidental accidental daily encounters as well as interviews with people concerning their everyday lives. On the contrary, her video installations create dreamlike, ethereal moods which convey not only emptiness and loneliness, but also the senses of hope and satisfaction which arise in the cycle of one’s daily life. She is a graduate student in the DXARTS program at the University of Washington.

New Media Gallery 2019-20: Natural Individuals

Yunmi Her - Natural Individuals

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Sound Clips
  • Yunmi Her - Natural Individuals
    Yunmi Her New Media Gallery interview
  • Gallery Workshop Soundscape: Yunmi Her - Natural Individuals
Education Projects

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