Photo of Dayana Capulong

Dayana Capulong

Dayana Capulong is a Filipinx American Queer & Non Binary artist currently on unceded Duwamish/Coast Salish Land. They are a multi instrumentalist, composer, and sound designer across various mediums.

Dayana was born in Queens, New York and has since lived in the Philippines and both coasts of the United States. At Emerson College in Boston, they earned a B.A. in Sound Design and Audio Post Production for Film and TV and is considered another Berklee College of Music “drop out.” Dayana works as an independent freelance sound designer, and mixes soundscapes for theater, podcast, radio journalism, interactive media and various mediums.

Their sonic artwork centers stories of marginalized communities seeking to tell their own experiences in art. These stories are typically journeys of struggle, resilience, connection, sacrifice, healing, and liberation.

Artist Support Program 2024: Archipelago Return Trip, a Sonic Exploration of the Homeland of my Ancestors