Photo of Veile


Veile is a Filipino content creator born and raised along Puget Sound. The podcast they’re starting through Jack Straw’s Artist Assistance award was inspired by the fact that you don’t have to do ‘big things’ or be a local celebrity to be interesting or worthy of celebration. The things we do for each other are meaningful, no matter who hears about them.

Veile’s taken podcasting and video-journalism classes at Green River College, and kind of an eclectic list of local art workshops. Their digital media work includes a prior podcast, running a YouTube channel, graphic and motion design, and social media management. They were interviewed by BuzzFeed and Bored Panda once upon a time. And one of their favorite people in the world is a kid named Cyrus, who loves Charizard and spam musubi.

Artist Support Program 2024: Anyone Can Be Cool, a podcast providing a space for local people to be celebrated, and challenging us all to practice brave, difficult growth.