Announcing Summit Sound, a public audio gallery at the Seattle Convention Center

December 19, 2023

Wooden bench and platform adjacent to a glass and metal building in the background. Speakers mounted on black columns over the bench.Jack Straw is thrilled to announce Summit Sound, an audio gallery at the new Seattle Convention Center Summit Building on Pine St. Summit Sound was envisioned by the SCC Art Program as “an outdoor space where residents and visitors can immerse themselves in one of our region’s revered creative disciplines–sound.” As the new home to multiple public artworks created by 23 commissioned artists, the Summit Building presents public works beyond the visual, offering a multi-sensory experience.

Jack Straw’s team selected a wide range of audio pieces from over thirty years of our arts and education programs, plus additional archival material from partners such as the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Department, to create a collection of music, sound, and spoken word amplifying and celebrating the unique and diverse voices of our inclusive Puget Sound community, in line with the Seattle Convention Center’s vision for this project.

Selected sounds for the initial launch of Summit Sound include music of many genres and spoken works produced through Jack Straw’s Artist Support Program; indigenous songs and stories from regional culture bearers; and poetry from fellows in the Jack Straw Writers Program as well as students at Denny International Middle School.

Summit Sound is a street-level, south-facing, outdoor, landscaped area with seating. It is located on the exterior of the building, mid-block on Pine Street between Ninth and Boren Avenues in downtown Seattle. Stop by and immerse yourself in these sounds, songs, and voices seven days a week, from 7am to 11pm – or listen any time – and find the full list of artists included – right here.

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