Photo of Gama


Self-taught engineer, producer, and rapper Gama was originally inspired to get into music by fellow Houston artists Cumbia Kings. At age 15 he scraped enough money together to buy a used Macbook and start learning how to make beats. Lyrics became an outlet for his emotions, processing the poverty and violence normalized around him. When his cousin invited him to Washington to help run a donut shop, he took the chance for a fresh start.

Barely a year after moving to Washington, CUT featured Gama and his song ‘Styrafoam’ in a video. Gama describes his musical style as rugged, dark, and ethereal. His current inspirations include Smino, Monte Booker, The Weeknd, and DJ Screw. Past collaborators include Savage Realm, Deante’ Hitchcock, and CJ Kasino.

Artist Support Program 2024: Producing an EP reflecting on his experiences in the year since moving to a small town in Washington from his hometown of Houston, Texas.