Dawn Clement playing piano, a man playing upright bass in the background.

Dawn Clement

Pianist/Vocalist/Composer Dawn Clement has established herself as one of the most sought-after musicians working today. With her joyful presence, consummate technique, and distinctive sound, Clement has gained the attention and respect of musicians, critics, and fans through the US and abroad. “In all this world of jazz, there are very few individual voices, no matter what the instrument, but Dawn has come up with a voice that’s unique . . . ” says legendary jazz trombonist Julian Priester.

Dawn holds a Bachelor of Music from Cornish College of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Music Composition from Vermont College of Fine Arts. In 2018, Dawn relocated from the Pacific Northwest to Denver, Colorado to take on the role of Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator of the Jazz and American Improvised Music Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dawn maintains a rigorous teaching and performing schedule while balancing the ever-fluctuating dance of parenting, composing, and supporting her local art scene.

Artist Support Program 2001: Produced The Rubin-Clement Piano Dialogues with Amy Rubin

Sound Clips
  • Amy Rubin and Dawn Clement - Hallelujah Games