Bill Jarcho has been an animation director / creative director; creating shorts, station ID’s, commercials, and videos for Nickelodeon, MTV, ABC Saturday Morning TV, and the Committee for Children, to name a few. He has directed episodes of Eddie Murphy’s animated series “The PJ’s” on Fox TV and created and performed giant puppets and puppet shows for Zambini Brothers, drawn cartoons for the local newspaper and CfC, as well as been the director of The Conscious Cartoons International Animation Festival. He has won numerous awards for his commercial work and independent animated shorts, which have played at Animation festivals throughout the world and too many times on my computer. He has also written and created puppet shows (several of which received grants from the Henson foundation), which he’s performed for thousands of kids at elementary schools, libraries, and festivals throughout the Pacific NW. He has also been seen dressed as a cowboy riding a giant chicken on occasion.

Artist Support Program 2001