Fuera de la Caja: Poesía de Denny 2019

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Welcome to Fuera de la Caja: Poesía de Denny, produced by Denny International Middle School students and Jack Straw Cultural Center. This chapbook and our audio recordings of the students’ poems are the culmination of a project with Jack Straw artists in residence and students from the eighth grade Dual Language Spanish Immersion program at Denny International Middle School in Seattle, Washington during the spring of 2019. In this project, students in Liz Olsen’s class worked with Jack Straw’s professional writer Raúl Sánchez; vocal coaches Katya Davida Landau and Marco Adiak Voli; and audio engineers Bryan Angeles, Daniel Guenther, CJ Lazenby, and Joel Maddox to write, perform, and record their own poetry. Jack Straw has worked with Denny students since 2012 to help them create and share their stories and poetry and build respect for each other’s experiences.

The students shared their poems with each other and the public through two events: On May 16th at a special Poetry and Music event celebrating this project at Chief Sealth Little Theater, and on May 26th at Jack Straw’s Youth Showcase at Northwest Folklife Festival. At both events, Trío Guadelevin (Abel Rocha, Antonio Gomez, and Gus Denhard) performed original music based on students’ poems.

In addition to these audio recordings, we published an anthology of the poems the students wrote while working with Raúl.

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Bienvenidos a Fuera de la Caja: Poesía de Denny, producido por los alumnos de la escuela Denny International Middle School y Jack Straw Cultural Center. Este libro y las grabaciones de poemas de los alumnos son el proyecto culminante con los artistas en residencia y los alumnos de octavo grado del programa de Dos Idiomas e Inmersión en Español de Denny International Middle School en Seattle, Washington durante la primavera de 2019. En este proyecto, los alumnos de las clases de Liz Olsen, trabajaron con el escritor profesional Raúl Sánchez; los entrenadores de voz Katya Davida Landau y Marco Adiak Voli; y los técnicos de audio Bryan Angeles, Daniel Guenther, CJ Lazenby, y Joel Maddox para escribir, presentar y grabar su propia poesía. Jack Straw ha trabajado con los alumnos de Denny desde el 2012 en ayudarles a crear y compartir sus historias y poesía, además de cultivar respeto por las experiencias ajenas.

Los alumnos compartieron sus poemas con sus compañeros de clases y con el público en dos eventos: el 16 de mayo presentaron su poesía en un evento especial de Poesía y Música celebrando el proyecto en el Pequeño Teatro de la Escuela Internacional de Chief Sealth y el 26 de mayo durante un evento de poetas juveniles de Jack Straw en el Festival Northwest Folklife. En ambos eventos, Trío Guadelevin (Abel Rocha, Antonio Gómez y Gus Denhard) presentaron música original inspirada por los poemas de los alumnos.

Además de estas grabaciones, publicamos una antología de los poemas que los alumnos escribieron con Raúl.

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Fuera de la Caja: Poesía de Denny was produced by Denny International Middle School students and Jack Straw Cultural Center with the generous support of the Washington State Arts Commission, Harvest Foundation, Jubilation Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation, The Creative Advantage, the Target Field Trip Grant, the Denny PTSA, and individual donors.

Jack Straw artist team: Writer Raúl Sánchez; vocal coaches Katya Davida Landau and Marco Adiak Voli; audio engineers Daniel Guenther, CJ Lazenby, and Joel Maddox; musicians Abel Rocha and Trio Guadalevin; production intern Bryan Angeles; education programs associate Alyssa Keene; designer Levi Fuller; and Executive Director Joan Rabinowitz. Denny student Bryan Padilla Sampedro created the cover art for our chapbook of the students’ poems. Special thanks to the students of Denny’s eighth grade Spanish immersion program and Denny staff. We especially want to thank Teacher Liz Olsen, Art Team Leader Lida Enche-Keene, Librarian Jeff Treistman, Administrative Secretary Mary Wilson, Fiscal Specialist Cheryl Patterson, and Principal Jeff Clark, who helped make this project possible.


Raul Sanchez - Portrait

Raúl Sanchez

Raúl Sanchez is the former City of Redmond Poet Laureate 2019-2021. He teaches bilingual poetry. He runs the Poetry in the Park bi-weekly readings at Meadowbrook Pond…

Abel Rocha

Abel Rocha

Abel Rocha is a Mexico City-born folklorist, singer and multi-instrumentalist who performs music of Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Argentina. He is a foundational member of groups including…


Antonio Davidson-Gómez

Antonio Davidson-Gómez is an educator and percussionist focused on fostering musical dialogue between cultures. He has studied, performed and recorded in various genres with emphases on Mediterranean, Middle…

Gus Denhard

August Denhard

As a performer on lute, theorbo and Baroque guitar, August Denhard has appeared with Baroque Northwest, Seattle Baroque, the Concord Ensemble, Chicago Music of the Baroque, the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra…