Steve Peters

Steve Peters makes music and audio for a variety of contexts and occasions using environmental sound, found/natural objects, electronics, instruments, and voices. Elements of improvisation and formal structure are combined to create place-based works that encourage a contemplative state of listening focused on subtle sonic details of the world around us. His work has been released on such labels as Cold Blue, Palace of Lights, Sirr, Dragon’s Eye, 12k, and Present Sounds. He performs with the Seattle Phonographers Union and is Director of Nonsequitur, a non-profit organization that presents concerts of innovative music through the Wayward Music Series at the Good Shepherd Center Chapel in Wallingford.

Artist Support Program 2016: Cancoes Profundas (Deep Songs), a soundscape composition for field recordings and improvising musicians.

Artist Support Program 2014: Record interviews with Seattle-area composers and sound artists in order to assemble individual portraits and a collective oral history of experimental music activity in the city and surrounding region.

New Media Gallery 2012-13: Lições dos Antepassados (Lessons from the Ancestors)

Artist Support Program 2010 (with Steve Roden): Not a Leaf Remains As It Was, a series of experimental songs using Japanese jisei as lyrics.

New Media Gallery 2009-10: Chamber Music 8: Particles/Waves


Steve Peters | Chamber Music 8: Particles/Waves READ MORE >

Steve Peters | Lições dos Antepassados (Lessons from the Ancestors) READ MORE >

Sound Clips
  • Steve Peters - Cancoes Profundas (excerpt)
  • Steve Peters - Licoes Dos Antepassados (Lessons from the Ancestors)
  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview : Steve Peters
  • Steve Peters and Steve Roden - Water Veins
  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview: Steve Peters