Steve Peters | Lições dos Antepassados (Lessons from the Ancestors)

September 20 – November 22, 2013

This sound installation explores daily life and language in a network of small rural villages in the Magaio region of the Gralheira Mountains in Portugal. Each village has a chapel, a resonant chamber for the soul of the community, and each chapel has a bell, rarely used now, replaced by electronic imposters. In the nearby cemeteries, the wind in the grass whispers the names of those who have lived on the land and are now part of it. With them lies the continuity of local wisdom, history, the names of all the things that live here, handed down to each generation. Underlying these common names are the Latin ones – the archaic shared language of religion, science, and song. Many of these things make sounds, and they become the collective voice of this place. Originally conceived as a 4-channel sound installation, this revised 8-channel version adds speaking voices from Seattle’s Portuguese community.


Steve Peters

Steve Peters makes music and audio for a variety of contexts and occasions using environmental sound, found/natural objects, electronics, instruments, and voices. Elements of improvisation and formal structure are…


Sound Clips

  • Steve Peters - Licoes Dos Antepassados (Lessons from the Ancestors) Steve Peters
  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview : Steve Peters Steve Peters