A circular black cushion in the foreground in a room with black carpet, one brick and two white walls. Speakers in the two corners.

Steve Peters | Chamber Music 8: Particles/Waves

“It is a profoundly meditative sound-space. I sat there and listened for about twenty minutes, then lay down on the round seat for another half-hour, listening still. I would have liked to have stayed longer.”
The StormSound Cycle

Chamber Music is a series of listening environments derived from recordings of the empty spaces in which they are eventually presented. These recordings of “nothing” are filtered to extract subtle resonant frequency drones that become the raw materials of the work.

Particles/Waves is a new 16-channel iteration made especially for the Jack Straw New Media Gallery: a sonic object of contemplation that aspires to the elusive qualities of light – artifacts of emptiness pulled from thin air, shifting in tone and intensity with the passing of time, hovering on the edge of perception. Nothing to see but shadows and reflections.


Steve Peters

Steve Peters makes music and audio for a variety of contexts and occasions using environmental sound, found/natural objects, electronics, instruments, and voices. Elements of improvisation and formal structure are…


Sound Clips

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