The 2024 Jack Straw Writing Fellows, selected by curator Nisi Shawl, are Amontaine Aurore, E.J. Batiste, Catherine DeNardo, Josh Griffin, Becca Rose Hall, Elyse Hauser, Stacy Nathaniel Jackson, Allison Masangkay, Gabriel Moseley, Mary Pan, McKenna Princing, and Jarrett Ziemer.

Meet our 2024 Jack Straw Writers
Photo of Amontaine Aurore.

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Photo of E.J. Batiste

E.J. Batiste READ MORE >

Photo of Catherine DeNardo

Catherine DeNardo READ MORE >

Photo of Josh Griffin

Josh Griffin READ MORE >

Photo of Becca Rose Hall

Becca Rose Hall READ MORE >

Photo of Elyse Hauser

Elyse Hauser READ MORE >

Photo of Stacy Nathaniel Jackson

Stacy Nathaniel Jackson READ MORE >

Photo of Allison Masangkay

Allison Masangkay READ MORE >

Photo of Gabriel Moseley

Gabriel Moseley READ MORE >

Photo of Mary Pan

Mary Pan READ MORE >

Photo of McKenna Princing

McKenna Princing READ MORE >

Photo of Jarrett Ziemer

Jarrett Ziemer READ MORE >

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Jack Straw Artist Residency Programs
Jack Straw Artist Support Program, Writers Program, and New Media Gallery Program

The Jack Straw Writers Program, Artist Support Program, and New Media Gallery Program offer established and emerging artists in diverse disciplines an opportunity to explore the creative use of sound in a professional atmosphere through residencies in our recording studios and participation in our various presentation programs.

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Jack Straw Artist Support Program
Paul Kikuci and Alice Gosti's How to Be a Partison

The Artist Support Program has been assisting artists working creatively with sound since 1994, including writers, choreographers, multidisciplinary artists, theatre sound designers, radio producers, film makers, visual artists, and musicians and composers of all types. Every year, up to eight artists are awarded twenty hours of studio recording and production time with a Jack Straw engineer; an additional twelve artists receive matching awards for studio time.

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New Media Gallery
Installations by Joel Ong, Etsuko Ichikawa, and Carolyn Law

The Jack Straw New Media Gallery is a unique venue in Seattle where artists from various disciplines can present works in which sound is an integral or exclusive element. This program enables artists to experiment with audio and to develop new skills and ideas in a supportive setting. Selected artists work with our engineers to realize the sound component of their project, with training as needed.

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