Photo of Allison Masangkay

Allison Masangkay

Allison Masangkay (she/they) is an entity—sick, disabled, trans, queer, femme, cultural worker, researcher, aswang, cyborg, and more—with ancestors from the archipelago referred to as the Philippines. They currently reside in Duwamish territory (Seattle, WA) and previously lived in Jamestown S’Klallam land (Sequim, WA) and Lenni-Lenape land (northern New Jersey). Her current work includes essays, speculative fiction, sound, and collage envisioning Filipinx/a/o and greater Black and non-Black Indigenous embodiment beyond anti-Blackness, colonialism, and white supremacy. This work highlights their experiences as an aswang (shape-shifting entity in Philippine folklore) and cyborg through the lenses of Philippine folklore, spirituality, and magic while engaging critical theories that unsettle colonial constructs of technology, race, gender, disability, sexuality, humanity, animality, and monstrosity. Their prose and other media have been published in manywor(l)ds, Disability Visibility Project, and others. Currently, Allison is a 2024 Jack Straw Writer and Seattle Public Library Eulalie and Carlo Scandiuzzi Writers’ Room Resident. They were a 2023 Emerge Fellow at the Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University.

2024 Writers Program