Daniel Salo

Daniel Salo is a composer and sound artist with a focus on orchestrations for performance art, modern dance and film scores. As a multi-instrumentalist he has written and performed music for piano, organ, guitar and string quartets as well as music groups Joy Wants Eternity and A Story of Rats (with collaborator Garek Jon Druss). His narrative compositions, often performed with film visuals and sound installations, has led to intensive collaborations within the theatrical and dance communities, including the widely acclaimed performance group Saint Genet, and dancer/choreographer Rachel Green.

Artist Support Program 2018 (with Rachel Green): Record an EP by Earth and Ceremony, a music and performance art group that creates installations, modern operas, and contemporary performances that evoke the paradoxical uncertainty of life.

New Media Gallery 2016-17 (with Rachel Green): Forgetting of Being


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Sound Clips
  • Forgetting of Being Gallery Workshop: Vocal Soundscape 2
  • Forgetting of Being Gallery Workshop: Vocal Soundscape 1
Education Projects

Rachel Green and Daniel Salo: Forgetting of Being READ MORE >