Rachel Green and Seth Sexton | Hypnagogic Jerk

March 31 – May 30, 2014

Hypnagogic Jerk is a multi-media look at the processes involved in falling asleep. Artists Rachel Green and Seth Sexton are exploring the mind’s submission to the process of sleep and the physical body’s resistance to it. They are also exploring the realm of consciousness, the realm of dreams, and the interpretation of reality. Green and Sexton use movement to express the ways that these realms interact with each other in the moments before sleep paralysis. The gallery installation included guest artists, live performances, and an original sound score written by Salo.


Education Projects

Rachel Green and Seth Sexton: Hypnagogic Jerk

In April 2014 we presented a series of accessible workshops at Jack Straw in conjunction with Rachel Green and Seth Sexton’s New Media Gallery installation Hypnagogic Jerk, which incorporates…



Rachel Green

Rachel Green creates site-specific multimedia performances that tell stories about our human condition. She regards the body as a container for emotions, infusing her work with delicate and volatile…


Seth Sexton

Seth Sexton has performed with Rachel Green at Velocity, On The Boards, and site-specific venues. Their work is an exploration of repetition and realms of consciousness.

New Media Gallery…


Daniel Salo

Daniel Salo is a composer and sound artist with a focus on orchestrations for performance art, modern dance and film scores. As a multi-instrumentalist he has written and performed…


Sound Clips

  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview: Rachel Green and Seth Sexton Rachel Green