Kimball Elementary: Voices of Kimball 2002

In the spring of 2002, Jack Straw Cultural Center continued its collaboration with Kimball Elementary school with Voices of Kimball. For this project, the fifth graders at Kimball Elementary interviewed members of their community with refugee and immigrant experience. Students selected stories from the interviews to develop into short radio dramas.

In the classroom, students learned about scripting, casting, rehearsing, and selecting and creating sound effects, with activities and hands-on assignments led by Jack Straw’s team of artists and engineers.  In the studios, students were introduced to all aspects of audio production and recording, resulting in hands-on production of twelve original radio dramas. Listen to the completed “Voices of Kimball” below:

The Jack Straw artist team included artists Laurel Anne White, education director Amy Broomhall, audio engineers Shelli Gonshorowski and Scott Bartlett, intern Moe Provencher, and Executive Director Joan Rabinowitz.

Voices of Kimball was made possible with generous support from The Washington State Arts Commission Arts and Education Program, Kimball Elementary School’s PTSA, and individual contributors.


Black and white photo of Laurel Anne White, holding a sheet of paper in front of her.

Laurel Anne White

Laurel Anne White began writing at the age of four, primarily oral histories for the benefit of Fuzzy Creature, Lambchop, and Tedward Bear. Throughout her youth she composed many plays…