Concord International Elementary: Poetry and Song 2014

In the 2013-2014 school year Jack Straw Cultural Center expanded the education program with Concord to work with 2nd graders in addition to the 4th graders. The students worked with Jack Straw artists to create, perform, and record their own Martin Luther King song based on poetry they wrote with Jack Straw writer Vicky Edmonds.

Vicky helped them write their own poems about things Dr. King talked about – honoring ourselves and others, looking for the good, and finding ways to work through our difficulties together. Then singer-songwriter Eden Schwartz and Jack Straw engineers worked with them to create and record a different song for each class. The songs were performed at the Concord Martin Luther King Birthday Assembly. You can listen to the songs below.


Portrait of Vicky Edmonds, by Katie Jennings

Vicky Edmonds

Vicky Edmonds is a poet and a teacher who uses the written and spoken word to bring the deepest and most authentic parts of ourselves to the page into the…