Blind Youth Audio Project 2017

For this year’s project we hosted students from SKILLS Seattle and SKILLS Mount Vernon, as well as YES 1 and YES 2 students at Jack Straw Studios.


Both groups of students from SKILLS Seattle and SKILLS Mount Vernon produced flash dramas and recorded text and sounds inspired by the New Media Gallery installation, The New Landscape, by artists Roger Feldman and Jeff Roberts.


 Musician Levi Fuller wrote the song “Sighted as a Bat (The Click-Click Song),” about human echolocation, then performed and recorded it with the YES 1 students in Jack Straw’s studio, along with teaching artist Bill Horist on guitar. Another group of students produced “Echo,” an audio drama about echolocation written by Jesse Minkert.


YES 2 students recorded their own version of the song “Sighted as a Bat (The Click-Click Song) with the addition of Jessica Lurie on flute, and produced flash dramas in studio 2 with Alyssa Keene and Katya Landau.

Over the following weeks, high school students worked with Jack Straw teaching artists to write and record original music and radio drama in the Jack Straw studios. Musicians Bill Horist and Jessica Lurie collaborated with one group of students to write and produce an original song, “Dear Friend.” Writer Jesse Minkert, vocal coach Alyssa Keene, and engineer Daniel Guenther with the drama group of students to create an original radio play, “Downtown Tragedy.”


Jeff Roberts - guqin

Jeff Roberts

Dr. Jeff Roberts is a composer-improviser and sound artist working in interdisciplinary acoustic and electroacoustic contexts. His music explores relationships between different music styles and cultures. Described as ‘bewitching…

Roger Feldman

Roger Feldman

Roger Feldman received his BA in Art from the University of Washington in Seattle and his MFA in Sculpture from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. While still in graduate…