Tiffany Danielle Elliott | I promise I won’t scream

A dark image of a mouth pressed up against a transparent surface. At the bottom, text reading Step 2, Fail to stop wanting.August 26-October 14, 2022

Visits by appointment, M-F, 10am-5:30pm
Call 206-634-0919 or email to schedule a visit

Opening Reception: Friday, August 26, 7pm

Artist Talk: Friday, September 30, 7pm
In person and streaming on YouTube and Facebook Live

The expectation of what a woman is and how she should be is a force that creates great pressure when applied to a body. In response, we (I! She!) create a private act of desperate release – a secret uttering kept as silent as possible. I promise I won’t scream brings attention to these silent sounds through an act of collective documentation.


High-contrast portrait of Tiffany Danielle Elliott on a blue background, with the text "I think a lot about love / why we do / and wy we don't" superimposed in pink.

Tiffany Danielle Elliott

Tiffany Danielle Elliott is a Seattle based curator and artist who works in performative enactment, text(ile), and digital objects. In both her art and curatorial practice, she is focused…


Sound Clips

  • Tiffany Danielle Elliott New Media Gallery Interview