Gallery view, instruments made from the parts of a piano. Black carpet, white walls.

This Old Piano

April 19 – June 4, 2010

This Old Piano is a transformation, where single pianos are deconstructed and designed into new instruments. Headed by pianist Tiffany Lin and wood worker Joel Kikuchi, This Old Piano commissioned two instrument designers and two composers to collaborate and design, develop, compose for, and exhibit two new instruments. Each instrument is built from the constituent parts of a single free piano. The current team of designers are Colin Ernst and Hugo Solis. These new creatures then had original musical works created for them by composers Jherek Bischoff and Tom Baker.

The pieces were premiered in a public performance by Lin at Jack Straw on April 29th, 2010. Lin, Baker, Ernst, Solis and Kikuchi spoke and performed at Composer Spotlight on Wednesday, May 12th.


Tiffany Lin uses a soldering iron on the insides of a piano

Tiffany Lin

Tiffany Lin is a pianist and toy pianists whose projects have ranged from traditional performances on piano and toy pianos to installations featuring re-constructed pianos. Tiffany performs in venues…


Tom Baker

Tom Baker has been active as a composer, performer, and music producer in the new-music scene since arriving in Seattle in 1994. He is the artistic director of the…


Hugo Solis

Hugo Solís García is a Sound Artist. His main field is the creation of interactive sonic works. His work has been shown or performed on national and international…