Robert Blatt | Elements

July 26 – September 6, 2013

Elements is a sound installation investigating the role of perception, setting and transformation within epistemology. It is an immersive work featuring an architectural environment constructed using an array of loudspeakers suspended from the ceiling, transducers connected to the surface of a resonant glass object, and a pair of headphones located in the center of the gallery space. Its sonic material consists of sounds based on our natural environment, which are then diffused and transformed through physical filtering and digital sound processing, creating a soundscape emphasizing one’s sense of space and internal versus external representations of reality.



Robert Blatt

Robert Blatt

Robert Blatt was born in 1984 in Anaheim, California. His practice is rooted in explorations of expanded sonic situations through varying frames and gradations of environment, notation, object, performance, text…


Sound Clips

  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview : Robert Blatt Robert Blatt