Peter Christenson | F40.298: Generalized Opus Foramina

Installation view of F40.298: Generalized Opus ForaminaNovember 19, 2021-January 21, 2022

Artist Talk (archived video)

Artist and once-licensed psychotherapist Peter Christenson captures and exhibits sound and video from holes dug across WA state, seeking dialogue and prognoses with his ailing client, Earth.


Peter Christenson

Peter Christenson

Peter Christenson (b.1979) is a conceptual artist working across emergent and antiquated media, psycho-social sculpture, and immersive installation. Christenson’s intermedia practice is informed by his past experiences…


Sound Clips

  • Installation view of F40.298: Generalized Opus Foramina. A mound of mossy earth with a black tube coming out of it; a projected rough circle behind it showing blue sky and clouds.
    Peter Christenson New Media Gallery Interview Peter Christenson