Martin Koenig | Voices and Images From Bulgaria

September 23 – October 28, 2011

Over 45 years ago, dance ethnographer and cultural specialist Martin Koenig embarked on a trip to Bulgaria armed with a letter of introduction from Margaret Mead. In this initial trip and on several subsequent visits he traveled throughout the country filming, recording, and photographing the lively yet endangered aspects of the traditional culture he observed.

Koenig is an advocate for community-based traditional arts and an authority on European ethnic dance traditions. Between 1966 and 1994, he conducted fieldwork that included audio recording, film and photography in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the United States and Canada.


Martin Koenig

Martin Koenig was founder/director of the Balkan Arts Center (later the Ethnic Folk Arts Center, today the Center for Traditional Music and Dance) in New York City. Still an…


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  • Voices and Images From Bulgaria - Trgnala e Neda Martin Koenig