Kichul Ki stands at a microphone on the right, with a wooden kinetic sculpture extending to the left.

Kichul Kim | Rapport

A microphone on a wooden slatted surface, with a sculptural form extending below it.May 12-July 28, 2006

Kichul Kim, a sculptor by training, follows an artistic path in the pursuit of this basic idea: If I see the sound, I can reach Nirvana. He has worked with this concept for more than ten years.

Rapport, Kim’s premiere work in the US, is a continuation of his “Looking Sound” projects that explore the physical and visual manifestation of sound. Previous works in this vein include 11 FACES, RAIN, and SOUND LOOKING. Rapport is an interactive sculpture – it moves when it “hears” sound.



Kichul Kim speaks into a microphone connected to his kinetic sculpture Rapport.

Kichul Kim

Kichul Kim, who holds a BFA and an MFA degree from Hong-Ik University, Korea, has taught sculpture and computer graphics at Korean universities, both at the undergraduate and graduate…