Big Clouds Holding Still: 2016/17 WITS Broadsides Collection

Writers in the Schools 2016/17 exhibitionMarch 12 – April 30, 2018

For eight years, Seattle Arts & Lectures’ Writers in the Schools (WITS) program has hosted writer residencies at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and school-aged patients have been working alongside teaching poets Sierra Nelson and Ann Teplick (both Jack Straw Writing Fellows) to create remarkable, inventive, powerful poems that explore their imaginations, capture their experiences, and share their journeys.

Seven years ago, SAL began a partnership with artists from the School of Visual Concepts – all of whom volunteer their talents and time – to transform the students’ poems into gorgeous letterpress designs hand-printed as broadsides. For the third year in a row, Jack Straw is pleased to share the most recent broadsides collection with the public in our halls until the end of April.


portrait of Sierra Nelson

Sierra Nelson

Sierra Nelson is a poet, lyric essayist, collaborative performance and installation artist, and teacher. Nelson’s books include The Lachrymose Report (PoetryNW Editions), collaborations with visual artist Loren Erdrich including…

Ann Teplick - Portrait

Ann Teplick

Ann Teplick is a Seattle poet, playwright, and prose writer, with an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College. For eighteen years she’s written with youth in schools, juvenile…