Wu Ziying 吳自英 is a private student of many of the foremost Chinese guqin masters of the twentieth century. Of particular influence on his playing were the great guqin masters and teachers: Wang Jiru, Wu Jinglue, Zha Fuxi, Sun Zongpeng, Xu Lisun, and Gu Meigeng. Wu Ziying maintains a strong link to past masters in his musical interpretation, eschewing much of the newer techniques and Western influences and preserving a strong lyrical line. The Mei’an and Wu schools of guqin music are predominant in his performance repertoire.

Before immigrating to the United States, he was a professor of traditional Chinese Music at Shanghai Normal University and was the director of the Shanghai Qin Association. In 2001-3, he was a Visiting Artist-in-Residence in the Ethnomusicology Division of the School of Music, University of Washington, Seattle. He resides in the Seattle area where he teaches the guqin and pipa and repairs traditional Chinese instruments.

Artist Support Program 2010: Record a CD of traditional Chinese pipa music.

Artist Support Program 2006 : Recorded The Art of the GuQin, Volume I, an album of traditional Chinese music for the guqin.

Sound Clips
  • Wu Ziying - Ju Kuang