Storme Webber is a Two Spirit, Alutiiq/Black/Choctaw, internationally-nurtured poet, playwright, educator, and interdisciplinary artist. She creates blues-influenced, socially-engaged texts and images exploring identity, art activism, and the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, memory and spirit.

Storme’s poetry collections include Diaspora, Blues Divine, and the forthcoming Noirish Lesbiana. Her solo theatre works include Buddy Rabbit, Noirish Lesbiana: A Night at the Sub Room, and Wild Tales of Renegade Halfbreed Bulldagger. She has been highlighted in numerous anthologies, documentaries (including Venus Boyz, May Ayim: Hope in Heart, What’s Right with Gays These Days?, Living Two Spirit), and international performance tours.

She enjoys teaching Creative Writing to young people at the University of Washington and has served as featured faculty at Hedgebrook, Whidbey Island Writer’s Conference, Chuckanut Writer’s Conference, The University of Puget Sound, Seattle University, and Richard Hugo House.

Storme was honored to receive a 2015 James W. Ray Venture Project Award from the Artist Trust/Frye Art Museum Consortium. Storme’s work has also been supported & awarded by 4Culture, Hedgebrook, Richard Hugo House, Pride Foundation, Seattle Art Museum, CIRI Foundation, City of Seattle and Jack Straw Foundation.

Artist Support Program 2013: Blues Divine, a CD of spoken word and music, 21st century blues and freedom songs.

2009 Writers Program

Sound Clips
  • Storme Webber - All My Daddies Were Butches
  • Storme Webber - Ray Charles is Forever Singing
  • Storme Webber - Portrait
    Bluesy Verse – Storme Webber
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