St Helens Quartet at Jack Straw

St. Helens String Quartet

Taking its inspiration from the exquisite rugged natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the Saint Helens String Quartet embraces a sense of musical adventure, exploring an often uncharted sonic territory in which contemporary classical music intersects with genres including jazz, pop, rock, folk and world music. Called the “Saint Helens adventurous four” by the Seattle Weekly, the group makes a practice of commissioning and performing works by 20th century composers.

Artist Support Program 2007: American Dreams, an album of contemporary works by composers Kenneth Benshoof, Laura Kaminsky, Janice Giteck, Gabriela Lena Frank, and Peter Schickele.

Sound Clips
  • St Helens Quartet - American Dreams
    St. Helens String Quartet - Botanas 2, Relleno Negro by Bern Herbolsheimer
  • St Helens Quartet at Jack Straw
    St. Helens Quartet - Variation 2 on Swing Low