Salome MC

Salome MC is a rapper, singer, producer and multimedia artist, and is the first woman to make hip hop music in her home country Iran. Her music has been featured in prominent Western media outlets such as Time Magazine, MTV and The Guardian, and her art work has been shown in international exhibitions such as Venice Biennale.

Salome lived in Tehran till 2010, releasing three music albums and multiple singles online, before moving to Japan, where she was awarded the MEXT Scholarship to pursue her master’s degree in experimental video and sound in Tohoku University of Arts and Design.

In 2016, Salome MC moved to Washington State, where she released her latest concept album Excerpts from Unhappy Consciousness, which is lauded as the first Persian hip hop album produced by a woman. She has since collaborated with Jack Straw Cultural Center on various education projects, and is the recipient of the 2018 Artist Trust Fellowship Award and 2019 Andreas Robbins Scholarship.


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