Salome MC

Salome MC is an Iranian musician, multimedia artist, writer and educator. She is the first woman rapper/hiphop producer of Iran, where she helped shape the hiphop scene in early 2000’s. In 2010 Salome moved to Japan after being awarded the MEXT scholarship and received an M.A. in audiovisual arts at Tohoku University of Arts and Design; Salome then expanded her storytelling mediums by combining music, performance art and audiovisual installations.

In 2016, Salome immigrated to Washington State where she makes bilingual music and is a hiphop educator for underserved youth at Jack Straw’s “Hiphop without Border” workshop series. She started the “Seven Climes” project in 2021 an on-going music initiative aiming to amplify the voice of emerging rappers from the marginalized ethnic groups back in Iran. She is on the advisory board of Code Pink, a women-led grassroots organization supporting human rights initiatives. Salome has been featured on the Guardian, MTV, and Time magazine, and her artwork have been showcased around the world, including the 56th Venice Biennale and Yale University. She currently serves on Bothell City’s Art Commission.

Education Projects

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