Based in Seattle, Goldston is currently working as a performer, dance class accompanist, teacher and studio musician. Discography and performances include work with David Byrne, Nirvana (Unplugged), the Presidents of the United States of America, Bush, Larry Barrett, the Old Joe Clarks, Jeff Greinke, Lori Carson, Laura Love, Gluebound, Citizens’ Utilities, Nancy Wilson, Flipp, Ed Pias, Elizabeth Falconer, John Doe, and Corporal Blossom. Goldston is accomplished in a wide variety of styles, including classical, world music, rock and free improvisation.

Artist Support Program 2006 : Recorded a CD-length composition for 12-piece ensemble combining scored sections and structured improvisation

Artist Support Program 2002

Artist Support Program 1995


Dropped piano

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Sound Clips
  • Lori Goldston - Miasms
  • Dropped piano
    Lori Goldston - Miasms: For three instrumentalists, one audio technician and piano that’s been dropped (min. 20’) and left to sit (min. 20 years)
  • Lori Goldston at JS 50
  • Black Cat Orchestra - Gecti Dost Kervani