Julian Priester is a legendary jazz trombonist who has played with a wide range of renowned jazz artists since the 1950s, such as Sun Ra, Max Roach, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner, Duke Ellington, and Herbie Hancock. He moved to Seattle in 1979 to join the faculty of Cornish College of the arts, and has been an integral part of Seattle’s music community since that time.

Julian has been involved in many projects at Jack Straw over the years. In addition to his collaborative composer residency with Obo Addy, he has performed on our radio program Sonarchy and collaborated with a number of other Jack Straw artists. Julian and Thomasa Eckert composed and performed the music for Charlie Burks’s spoken word CD Since the Ace, and Julian composed a piece titled “Equanimity” for Paul Taub‘s solo flute album, Oo-ee.

Sound Clips
  • Obo Addy and Julian Priester
    Obo Addy and Julian Priester - For Your Information
  • Charlie Burks - Since the Ace book and CD
    Charlie Burks - Dark Out
  • Jack Straw Cultural Center logo
    Charlie Burks - Parts and Labor Extra