Johnny Moses is a Tulalip Native American master storyteller, oral historian, healer and spiritual leader.

Moses was raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada in the village of Ohiat. He learned tribal traditions from his grandparents and has the traditional name (Walking Medicine Robe).

In addition to speaking English, Moses is fluent in eight native languages and can also tell stories in traditional sign language.

Artist Support Program 2013: A media companion to the book Sacred Breath: Pacific Northwest Culture and Medicine Teachings by Johnny Moses was produced by Gregory Fields.

Artist Support Program 2010 (with Gregory Fields and Pauline Hillaire): Produce recordings of songs, cultural knowledge and biographical information of two Coast Salish culture-bearers.

Sound Clips
  • Johnny Moses - Medicine Songs
    Johnny Moses - Welcome Song
  • Johnny Moses - Traveling Song
  • Spirit of the First People - cover
    Spirit of the First People: Baby Teasing Song