Ela Lamblin is a sculptor and musician.

In 1989, at the age of sixteen, he was awarded a scholarship to attend the Atlanta College of Art. He graduated with a BFA in sculpture in 1993. While at ACA Ela began experimenting with combining sound with form to create musical sculptures, a process that has resulted in more than forty large-scale musical instruments to date. From college onward, Ela’s art has encompassed sculpture, music, film, and movement in live performance. Ela’s artistic horizons continue to expand as he erases the lines between disciplines to create multi-faceted works that now include design and fabrication of public art, architectural design and planning, numerous recordings, short films and scores.

In addition to Lelavision’s performance work, Lamblin has received two commissions for permanent public sculpture – Whirl Piece (2006, Yesler Terrace Community Center, Seattle, WA) and Welcome to the Wheel World (2008, Beacon Hill International School, Seattle, WA). He has also produced five CDs of music on his invented musical sculptures, the first of which, Sculptaural, was recorded through Jack Straw’s Artist Support Program (1996). Others include Raga to the River, classical Indian Raga in the Dhrupad tradition (2000), and Long Period Events, engineered by Grammy nominated record producer, Tucker Martine (2005). Lamblin received the Artist Fellowship in music from Artist Trust in 2004.

Artist Support Program 2000: Recorded his album Tone Pond

Artist Support Program 1996: Recorded Sculptaural, his first musical sculpture album

Sound Clips
  • Ela Lamblin - Sculptaural
    Ela Lamblin: Kelphorn Beach
  • Ela Lamblin performs in the Jack Straw New Media Gallery as part of an artist event on November 11, 2018
    Artscape - Ela Lamblin
  • Composer Spotlight 2013: Ela Lamblin and Jason Staczek
  • Ela Lamblin - Eddies
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