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Degenerate Art Ensemble

Degenerate Art Ensemble, formerly known as The Young Composers Collective, has shown their work throughout the US and Europe known for their large scale dance and theater projects, concerts, site-transforming spectacles and ongoing public experimentation.

Recent highlights of the group’s work include a major exhibition at the Frye Art Museum in 2011, was commissioned by director Robert Wilson to interpret his work Einstein on the Beach in 2012 and collaborated with the Kronos Quartet in 2013. Also in 2012 Degenerate Art Ensemble was commissioned by the city of Seattle to create a massive site specific work Underbelly in collaboration with Olson Kundig Architects to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair. The group’s most recent work Predator Songstress premiered at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco in 2015 followed by Seattle and will show in New York in November of 2017. In December of 2016 DAE teamed up with Czech rock legends Uz Jsme Doma for an epic orchestral work inspired by the group’s music and the music of Degenerate Art Ensemble for a concert at the Archa Theatre in Prague with the Philharmonic Orchestra of South Bohemia.

Degenerate Art Ensemble was born out of The Young Composers Collective in 1999 a big band performance art garage orchestra. Among many projects the Collective generated was an original orchestral score to Frit’z Lang’s German Expressionist masterpiece Metropolis.  The work was premiered in 1997 to a audience of 10,000 people in Seattle’s Gasworks Park Outdoor Cinema.  The work was composed by Joshua Kohl, Haruko Crow Nishimura, Kevin Nortness, Ian Rashkin, Troy Swanson and Timothy Young.

Artist Support Program 1998 : Recorded their original orchestral score of the same name to Frit’z Lang’s German Expressionist masterpiece Metropolis

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  • Degenerate Art Ensemble - Performance
    The Young Composers Collective - Clockwork Rotwang
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