Chelsea Grimmer

C. R. Grimmer

C. R. Grimmer (she/her/they/them) is a poet, scholar, and lecturer at the UW in Seattle with an MFA, MA, and PhC. They also the host The Poetry Vlog, a social justice YouTube channel and podcast, with its third season sponsored by the Mellon Foundation. The Poetry Vlog is dedicated to building queer and anti-racist coalitions by showcasing poetry and music video readings and analysis, as well as hosting conversations with guest poets, scholars, and students. C.’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in a variety of journals, from Fence and Drunken Boat to The Portland Review. Scholarship on contemporary queer and race theory can be found in journals such as The Comparatist. The Harlan Hahn Disability Endowment partially funded the completion of their manuscript, The Lyme Letters, which has been a finalist with several presses such as Alice James Books.

Artist Support Program 2019: Audio support for the Poetry Vlog, a YouTube channel and podcast designed to build social justice coalitions through poetry and pop culture discussion.

Sound Clips
  • C.R. Grimmer - O (Ezekiel's Wife)
    C. R. Grimmer - Boylesque
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