C. R. Glasgow is a non-binary, queer, first-generation Afro-Caribbean. Doc serves as writer, psychologist, spiritual creative, and public speaker. Doc has been writing since 7 years old, beginning with poetry. Doc won the NYC Borough President’s Award at the age of 10. Doc’s creative offerings compel the audience to feel the inseparability of composer and audience through time-bending arresting imagery, daring questioning, bold answers, and abstract glimpses of the mundane. Previous publications in Butch is Not a Dirty Word, Issue 6, “These Roots,” The Arrow Journal “Con*cept*ion” (Blogs & Essays -October 27, 2020) and upcoming pieces in anthologies Refuge in the Storm: Voices in Buddhist Crisis Care and Afrikan Wisdom: New Voices Speak Black Liberation, Buddhism and Beyond.

2021 Writers Program

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Announcing Summit Sound, a public audio gallery at the Seattle Convention Center

December 19, 2023

Jack Straw is thrilled to announce Summit Sound, an audio gallery at the new Seattle Convention Center Summit Building on Pine St. Summit Sound was envisioned by the SCC Art Program as “an outdoor space where residents and visitors can immerse themselves in one of our region’s revered creative disciplines–sound.” As the new home to […]

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Wooden bench and platform adjacent to a glass and metal building in the background. Speakers mounted on black columns over the bench.

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Jack Straw Writers SPL Reading on YouTube!

December 2, 2021

If you missed the November group reading with E.J. Koh and our 2021 Jack Straw Writers, our friends at Seattle Public Library have made it available for you to watch whenever you want, right here: Enjoy! And thank you, as always, to our brilliant curator E.J. Koh and the wonderful 2021 Jack Straw Writers.

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EJ Koh holds up a copy of the 2021 Jack Straw Writers Anthology, in a video still.

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Jack Straw Writers and Bushwick Book Club 2021

October 29, 2021

Jack Straw and the Bushwick Book Club Seattle are once again teaming up to create new music inspired by the work of the Jack Straw Writers! For the second year in a row, the Bushwick Book Club and Jack Straw will share a new video every couple weeks featuring a reading from one of our […]

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Jack Straw x The Bushwick Book Club Seattle 2021-2022

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