Bob Antone is from a family of artists and woodcarvers with a history in the Pacific Northwest.  Many of his uncles and both grandfathers were or still are wood carvers, painters or sculptors. This includes a variety of materials including metal and ceramics.  His specialties are oral history and immigrant folklore of the Seattle area and greater northwest region.  He also performs historical music, recites poetry and plays instrumental compositions in connection to his visual expression. Performed on a musical saw, old family violin from 1893, heirloom guitar and Irish drum, the music accompanies visual storytelling and folklore.  Bob is currently a music teacher at Music and Arts located on Front Street in Issaquah, WA.

Artist Support Program 2011 : Recorded an album that tells his story through music with an old family violin from 1893 Seattle, his grandfather’s musical saw, and songs performed in a Northwest regional style.

Sound Clips
  • Bob Antone - Spotted Owl Gallery