Aono Jikken in JS New Media Gallery 2018-11-11

Aono Jikken Ensemble

Aono Jikken, pronounced Ah-Oh-No Gee-Ken (Japanese for blue field experiment), is a Seattle-based experimental ensemble. Through structured improvisation the group creates unique music and soundscapes played on everything from traditional Asian and Western instruments to childrens sound toys, found objects, and specially invented instruments made of metal, plastic, kelp and other materials. The group also incorporates dance, theatre, film, and visual art into their live performances. Aono Jikkens work aims to balance Eastern with Western influences, improvisation with composition, and innovation with conventional approaches to their instruments. Founded in 1997 by Taiko drummer/percussionist and filmmaker William Satake Blauvelt, the group’s members have included: sound composer and instrument maker Susie Kozawa; dancer/choreographer and visual artist Yoko Murao; multi-instrumentalist and sound designer Mike Shannon; and flutist/composer Esther Sugai.

Artist Support Program 2011: Record one or more of their original scores for classic and contemporary silent cinema

Artist Support Program 1998: Produce a soundtrack for the 1926 silent film A Page of Madness.

Sound Clips
  • Aono Jikken - Daughter's Visit