Museum of Pop Culture 2013: Write Out of This World

This year, MoPop and Jack Straw Cultural Center collaborated to provide winners of their annual Write Out of This World Writing Contest with a unique experience: Winners participated in a writing workshop, voice workshop, and recording session at Jack Straw, resulting in a professional recording of each writer reading their work. Every audio piece includes an excerpt of their story, plus a summary introduction which Jack Straw writer Jared Leising helped them write.

Listen to the story excerpts below, and click on the titles to read the stories.

3rd – 5th Grade Winners:

1st Place: “Buddy” by Lauren DeBord
2nd Place: “Emma & the Flower Kingdom” by AllenaMae Dodd

6th – 8th Grade Winners:

1st Place: “The Legend of Ra” by Cleo Fuller
2nd Place: “In the Dark I See” by Madeline Rainwater
3rd Place: “Colony” by Brendan Lancaster

9th – 12th Grade Winners:

1st Place: “Wish Catcher” by Nan Wu
2nd Place: “Tsubasa” by Mia Smith
3rd Place: “The Legend of Ayeddis” by Megan Gleason

Jack Straw artist team included Jared Leising, writer; Christine Marie Brown, vocal coaches; Moe Provencher, engineer; Joan Rabinowitz, executive director.


Jared Leising

Jared Leising

Jared Leising is the author of the chapbook The Widows and Orphans of Winesburg, Ohio. His poems have appeared in various Washington publications such as Pontoon, Crab Creek Review, Stringtown…